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Luxury Leicht Kitchen - Waterfall stone marble countertops, gloss lacquer German cabinets, white porcelain floors.

Award Winning

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Leicht Kitchen with a modern door/drawer thickness. The 1/2" (12mm) kitchen cabinet doors are pure luxury, The tall shelving structure has integrated leds on the back that creates a glowing effect found only in luxury kitchens,

Kitchen Cabinets

and More

by Blue Plum

Quality and Factory-Direct Pricing


BLUE PLUM is the Premier Design Studio for customers looking for top quality designer and architectural products from Europe at affordable prices.


We specialize in custom European cabinetry for every room of the house. Including kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and even has a line of interior doors sourced directly from manufacturers in Germany and Italy.


Founded over or over 95 years ago, Blue Plum's premier manufacturer Leicht has grown to become the market leader in architectural kitchens. 

Working together for nearly a decade, Blue Plum has been an integral part of Leicht's commitment to providing a superior level of design capabilities and technical expertise. 

Closets, Wardrobes, Bookshelves, and TV Systems

Blue Plum offers walk in closets, wardrobes, laundry and garage cabinetry from Leicht. Matter of fact, Leicht is a provider of architectural casework including wall cladding and push in interior doors. 


Many of Leicht's finishes are truly unique. From nano self-healing finishes to concrete, glass, aluminum, and lacquers; Leicht has so many finishes to choose. Whether you are looking for weathered wood or a super matte lacquer, Leicht has you covered. 


With our bespoke configuration options, there is no limit to the the level of detail and finish combinations for your kitchen... truly one of a kind.

Leicht Walk-In Closet in a rich textured finish featuring vertical LEDs that are color tunable. For even more storage, there is a two-sided closet island.
Italian Business Partners
Italian Office building in a plaza near Venice

Expert Design

At Blue Plum, we believe that your home should be a reflection of your style and personality. That’s why we offer a wide range of customized closets and furniture, designed with valuable insight from our highly-skilled European designers.

We understand that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work when it comes to home decor and strive to create pieces that are unique and tailored to your individual needs.

And while we focus on Leicht German Kitchens; our Italian Team has relationships with dozens of manufacturers. So, if there is something special you need, just let us know.


Call today and let us help you design the perfect space for you and your family.

Automated production robot that is building cabinets in a new German factory. Leicht's modern production line is one of the world's newest fully automated factories in southern Germany.

WHY Leicht

Because Leicht has evolved from advanced machinery to world-class robotics, we are able to offer more customized products at better prices.

Leicht is more than kitchens, it provides cabinetry for every room of the house.


But they also do it efficiently while displaying an ongoing commitment to the environment. 

Many of our products are built in Leicht's newest factory (Plant 2) in the Gügling Industrial Park in Southern Germany.  


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